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Seduction Cosmetic Center Reviews

Seduction Cosmetic Center Reviews Five Common Liposuction Myths

Renowned plastic surgery clinic Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews a handful of common myths surrounding the liposuction process.

Liposuction helps hundreds of thousands of individuals enhance their bodies by creating a smoother, tighter contour every year. Now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available, renowned Miami plastic surgery clinic Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews five common myths surrounding the process.

“Several common myths and misconceptions exist surrounding exactly what liposuction does,” says a member of the Seduction Cosmetic Center team, “and the results that it can deliver for patients.”

First, Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews the misconception that liposuction is a weight loss strategy. “Many people see liposuction as an easy and quick way to shed unwanted fat,” explains the clinic. “While the procedure does indeed remove stubborn fat cells from specific parts of the body, this is for contouring purposes and should not be confused with a weight loss strategy,” they add.

Most often performed around the thighs, hips, back, abdomen, and upper arms, typically patients will lose less than five pounds after having liposuction. If, further to achieving improved contouring, weight loss is also a goal, patients should be within approximately 10 pounds of their ideal final weight before having the procedure, Seduction Cosmetic Center advises.

Next, Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews the myth that liposuction is a treatment for stretch marks and cellulite. Most often a result of puberty, pregnancy, or other significant weight gain, stretch marks appear as long, thin lines on the skin’s surface.

Cellulite, meanwhile, occurs when subcutaneous fat protrudes, creating dimples in the skin. “Liposuction contours and smooths the body by removing fat cells, but as it doesn’t affect skin tissue directly, it’s not an effective means of treating either stretch marks or cellulite,” reveals a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative.

The third misconception to be addressed by Seduction Cosmetic Center is the belief that liposuction results don’t last. “Fat cells removed during liposuction are gone for good,” reveals Seduction Cosmetic Center. “This is permanent, of course,” they go on, “but if a patient gains weight again after having the procedure, the results will ultimately be lost in the process.”

Accordingly, proper diet and exercise should be maintained, Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews, to prevent new fat cells from forming and compromising a patient’s results.

Myth number four, as Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews, concerns the misconception that liposuction requires a considerable period of downtime. A surgical procedure, liposuction does involve a recovery period, but this is not, the clinic says, generally overly long or difficult.

“While some soreness is to be expected, discomfort should be minimal, and many patients can resume much of their usual routine within just three to seven days,” reveals Seduction Cosmetic Center. However, they should refrain from any heavy lifting, the clinic reports, or other particularly rigorous activities.

Finally, Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews briefly the misconception that men never get liposuction.

“This simply isn’t the case,” Seduction Cosmetic Center reviews, in closing, “and men now regularly seek liposuction to improve the contouring of their bodies, often concentrating on their chests, abdomens, and so-called love handles.”

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